Replacing your home’s furnace is a big task, both logistically and financially. With modern advancements in technology and the installation and servicing of these systems, a replacement is easier than ever. The last thing a homeowner wants is for their home’s unit to stop working in the dead of winter when it’s needed most. The stress from this situation can be enormous since the restoration of heat needs to be immediate.

To ensure homeowners are not facing an emergency replacement, we suggest considering a replacement if your device meets some of the following criteria. If your system is nearing the window for replacement, contact a professional who can conduct a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis.

The Age of my Furnace

Most furnaces have a lifespan of 10-15 years. If your unit is breaking down year to year, it costs you time and money in constant maintenance. Before it becomes a financial burden, consider a replacement. Especially if you have both a manufacturer’s warranty and a labor warranty, which we always recommend.

The Efficiency of my Home’s Furnace

Year to year, a furnace loses its ability to function at the level it initially did. Annually, a basic residential or small business furnace may lose up to 5 percent of its efficiency. Depending on your furnace’s age and the 5 percent rule, it may be financially prudent to consider replacing your HVAC system with something that will meet your standards. One way to assess this is by referencing your previous heating bills. When doing so, look for increased rates of usage or abnormally cold months. This information is a great way to diagnose how well your unit is functioning.

Noises or Other Mechanical Issues

Nobody wants to be best friends with their repairman. If this is a friendship you think you are developing, it may be time to consider a replacement. If your furnace is constantly making noise, struggling to keep your house warm, or has a seemingly endless list of mechanical issues in need of repair, consider a replacement.

To Replace or Not?

Replacing a furnace is an important, long-term financial decision. Taking all things into account, if you believe your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, both mechanically and economically, it is wise to consider replacing it during the warmer months. An HVAC professional can consult with you and offer advice on replacement options.

If you would like an inspection and estimate on replacing your current furnace, please call us at:  (812) 683-0675.