Regular maintenance can extend your water heater’s life, but at some point, all heaters require replacement. Here are some helpful tips to determine if it’s time to consider a replacement: 

Your unit is older than eight years old. 

A residential water heater’s average life span is between 10-12 years (with gas water heaters generally lasting between 6-8 years). However, most experts recommend you begin the planning process around year eight. An easy way to determine the age of your home’s unit is to reference the serial number. 

Your unit is rusting.

Rust can come in two forms: visible exterior rust and internal rust that may be visible in your home’s water. 

When your unit has visible exterior rust, its structural integrity is in question. The rust must be contained before its corrosive properties engulf the entire unit. If you catch the rust too late, replacement may be your only option. 

Rust particles or rust coloring in the water itself can be tougher to diagnose – this can be a result of your home’s pipes or the unit itself. Sometimes it’s hard to diagnose, but most pipes are built with materials that are less susceptible to rust. More often than not, the water heater is to blame.  If you experience rust in your water, it may be time for a replacement. 

Your unit is noisy.

Water heaters are designed with residential use in mind and should run with little to no noise. If your unit is excessively loud or is making rattling or banging noises, it may be time to replace it. After years of use, a water heater will naturally suffer from sediment buildup. As this buildup begins to grow, it can be harmful to your unit and often leads to its demise. As the sediment starts to build and inhibit the proper function of the heater’s various mechanical components, loud or abnormal noises can be heard. The buildup itself can sometimes be repaired, but if your unit is damaged, a replacement may be necessary. 

Your unit is leaking.

If your water heater is leaking, it must be replaced immediately. The vast majority of water heater replacements are due to leaking tanks. A leaking tank signals a severe issue, and it must be replaced ASAP. If you see leaking water from your unit, please refrain from using warm water and call a professional for help. 

Replacing a water heater can be a daunting task, so consider allowing the experts to assist. RG Mechanical (812-389-8480) has years of experience guiding homeowners through the process and providing them with a unit that best fits their needs. Make sure your home’s integrity does not fall to the wayside and call RG Mechanical today!