Hot water is something many of us can’t go without. To protect the luxury of warm showers in the morning and hot baths at night,  it’s imperative that homeowners take care of their water heaters. While water heaters have a general lifespan of 8-12 years, with regular maintenance, you can ensure your home’s unit reaches that 12-year mark.

Although often unnoticed, your water heater is one of the hardest working devices in your home. It is working tirelessly 24 hours a day to ensure your home has warm water on demand. As a result of this tough work, these units need to be regularly maintained, just like you would maintain a car.  With regular, low-cost repairs, you can avoid expensive major repairs down the road. 

Therefore, we suggest that homeowners seek regular preventative maintenance on their water heater once a year. Whether this is done by a professional or the homeowners themselves, this will increase the unit’s longevity and efficiency, leading to long-term savings that can often offset the price of the maintenance itself. 

While this maintenance process includes a holistic evaluation of your unit, you can always expect two tasks regardless of who is conducting the work – a sediment flush and an examination of the anode rod. 

If your home uses a storage water heater, then a large amount of water is stored within the unit itself, allowing for hot water on-demand. Because the water sits stagnant for a period of time, naturally occuring sediments can begin to build up within the unit. This buildup can be problematic, so it is vital that a professional purges the unit on a regular basis. 

Water heaters are vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. Before the inclusion of the anode rod in modern water heaters, units rusted out at a significantly faster rate. The anode rod consists of materials that succumb to corrosion before the other components do. At the same time, it releases electrons into the tank that create an environment less desirable for rust and corrosion expansion. As the rod degrades, it will eventually need to be replaced with a new rod. An expert can examine your unit’s anode rod and advise you on its lifespan. 

The health of your home’s water heater has a direct impact on the health of the home’s occupants – by caring for your water heater, you’re caring for yourself.  Too often, homeowners forego regular maintenance and find themselves needing a costly water heater replacement far sooner than they should.  At RG Mechanical, we strive to educate homeowners about the importance of this maintenance so they can avoid a costly replacement.  With our years of industry experience, we will work with you to ensure your unit is running at its full potential. If you would like to schedule an in-home visit from us, contact 812-683-0675 today.