Your air condition system is a complicated beast with a variety of components and mechanical movements taking place.  The key to enjoyable living and a palatable electric bill is to ensure each of these components are working correctly.  There is a long list of parts that need to be monitored, repaired, and cleaned.  One of the most important is the condenser coils.

While your home’s cooling is quite a technical endeavor and uses words most of us haven’t used since high school (see thermodynamics), we will try and break it down in the simplest of terms.  The cooling of your home’s air during the warmer months is done by removing heat from the air already present, then blowing the cooler air throughout your home before the process begins all over again. Once the heat is removed, it needs to go outside.  The heat removed from your home’s air is channeled outside to a condenser unit where the heat is expelled.

The ability in which this heat can be rapidly expelled from inside your home to outside of it directly impacts your home’s ability to stay cool. When this system is not functioning correctly, your air conditioning system will likely have to work much harder.  This will lead to increased electricity bills, increased need for maintenance, and probably shortening your system’s lifespan.

Condensers work hard to cool your home, especially in the middle of the summer.  Grime, dust, and other debris cling to the coils and reduce the necessary heat transfer effectiveness. Therefore, cleaning these coils either annually or semi-annually is highly suggested.  Coils contain dangerous refrigerants and are highly sensitive.  Contact a professional for this job, especially if it has been some time since a prior cleaning.  

Cleaning your condenser coils will lead to cost savings and increased productivity.  It will also improve your home’s air quality. Over time, coils become a haven for bacteria and mold that can seep into your home’s air supply. Through a regular cleaning schedule, you can significantly reduce the proliferation of bacteria.

Your home’s AC condenser is an essential component, and treating it as such is vital to ensure you and your family can live in a comfortable space. Consider calling a professional to conduct cleaning and an evaluation on your system as a whole. Catching problems before they become issues is often the best way to save a few bucks.  Call RG Mechanical today:  (812) 683-0675.