We spend a significant amount of our time inside our own homes; before the pandemic, most people spent anywhere between 60 and 90 percent of their day inside. This percentage has undoubtedly risen with COVID-19, as most of us find ourselves working, educating, and doing just about everything else from home. Considering the sheer amount of time we spend in this space highlights the importance of your home’s air ducts’ functionality and cleanliness. Consider these essential reasons for why you should consider a cleaning:

It has a Direct Impact on you and Your Family’s Health

If your home’s air conditioning unit and its central furnace are the beating heart, then your air ducts are its vessels. Just as we strive to ensure our heart functions well, we are also aware of the importance of ensuring our vessels remain healthy. Your home’s forced-air relies on air ducts to move its way throughout all corners of your home. This is why these ducts need to be clean and free of potentially hazardous mold or other contaminants vital to all inhabitants’ health. As dirt and other particles build up, your home’s air becomes diluted with these particles, leading to skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Don’t wait until you or a family member begins showing signs of these conditions and consider a cleaning today.

Removes that Musty Smell you Can’t Seem to Locate

Older homes and even newer ones that are not properly maintained can have that often-embarrassing musty smell no one wants in their home. Often, a source of this issue can be the reluctance to keep our home’s air ducts clean. Stop masking that musty smell with candles and other scent products and seek professional assistance today.

Improve the Longevity and Efficiency of your HVAC System

Dust, pet particles, mold, allergens, and just about everything else inside a home’s air ducts have a direct impact on its ability to move air throughout your home effectively. When these particles inhibit the flow of air, it requires your unit to work overtime, leading to higher energy bills as well as shortening the lifespan of your home’s system. Consider calling RG Mechanical to diagnose your home’s HVAC system and discuss potential cleaning.

Exposes Other Underlying Issues

Your home’s air ducts are not something that homeowners regularly survey as these systems are generally tucked away from view and easy access. As a result, there can be issues within these systems that can go unnoticed for extended periods. 

Let the Professionals Take Care of It

Allowing professionals to come in and take care of this laborious and dangerous work is always highly suggested. A professional crew will seal off your home sections and clean ducts using high powered vacuums and other professional equipment. This work can often be dangerous due to mold particles and other debris, and therefore should be reserved for trained professionals only.  

If mold is deemed present, our teams will sanitize the impacted areas with a safely designed solution to kill mold spores. Depending on the job’s severity, we may ask homeowners to vacate their homes during this work.

Much of this work is completed in hard-to-reach areas, and our crews have specialized equipment designed to meet these needs. Our teams, at times, see evidence of self-cleaning attempts by homeowners. While done in good faith, these self-cleanings can, at times, push debris further into the system, resulting in more severe issues.


Through our years of experience and advanced techniques, RG Mechanical is proud to be a local air duct cleaning leader. We have made significant investments in modern equipment to ensure our cleanings are both fast and thorough. Allow us to take the hard work off your hands and be a part of creating a truly inviting home experience. Call RG Mechanical today at (812) 683-0675.