It is time to consider if a replacement of your home’s heating system is on the horizon with winter here. While good home heating is something, many of us in the more northern latitudes depend on for comfort and warmth, replacing a home’s heating unit can also have monetary and environmental benefits. Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself if it is time to consider a replacement:

The age of your system

While some units may last longer than others, the industry norm for a heating unit’s lifespan is generally between 15-20 years. As your unit works tirelessly at its job in the winter months, its internal parts and mechanisms will begin to deteriorate and break down. While some of these deteriorations may create issues that require immediate repair, many others may go unnoticed and continue to jeopardize your unit’s effectiveness. After years of steady decline, your unit will eventually reach a point where replacement is warranted. Consider beginning an evaluation of this decision around year 15. 

Your energy bill is rising rapidly

As an older unit deteriorates, it harms the heater’s operation and increases the amount of money it costs to run. Generally,  your home’s heating unit loses five percent of its efficiency for each year of operation. As the years go on and this loss of effectiveness compounds, you will likely begin to notice an alarming increase in your utility bills during the winter months. As we continue to make advancements in the technology responsible for heating our home, we see units brought online that run significantly more efficient than their older models. Overall cost-saving efficiency may be something to consider when contemplating a replacement. In some particular instances, it may be surprisingly cost-effective to consider a replacement sooner than later.

Your home is cold

While there can be a wide range of reasons why your home seems colder than it should be, an older heater can be one of the main culprits. As units age, their ability to spread warm air evenly throughout your home becomes more challenging. Uneven air distribution could lead to a house that’s cold or unevenly heated, which can be quite an annoyance if you have family members who are regularly spending their time on different floors. If one room of your home is always cold while another is much warmer, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Your unit is noisy

Your home should be a place for peace and solitude. However, if your home’s furnace is getting in the way of that, it may be time to call in the professionals. While it may be something that might be repairable, experts may also discuss the possibility of a replacement if it is warranted.

Other mechanical issues

In addition to the reasons above, there can also be a long list of mechanical issues that may require replacement. The list of potential issues is long and will require an expert’s eye to diagnose. Regardless of the outcome, your in-home expert should be able to provide you with a list of options and solutions.

Regardless of what may be plaguing your home’s heating system, it is something that should be at the top of mind.  Nobody wants to replace their heating system in freezing temperatures, so it is best addressed before your system breaks down. Consider calling us at (812) 683-0675 today to discuss replacing your home’s furnace.