Ross HoffmanAs project foreman, it’s Ross Hoffman’s responsibility to make sure that RG Mechanical jobs get done right, right from the get-go. He’s been with RG Mechanical since it opened its doors in September 2015 and has worked in the industry for eight years. He credits his brother for helping him get his start.

Ross was born in Jasper, Indiana, and grew up in Mariah Hill. He’s been living in the area for 30 years and appreciates the “simple lifestyles” that can be led here. Described as “hardworking and caring,” Ross is proud that RG Mechanical offers quality work at a reasonable price. And he loves the work atmosphere here too. (He says that’s his favorite thing about working at RGM.)

Keep an eye out for Ross’s sense of humor. He made us laugh out loud when we asked about his family, and he replied that he had “two sons, one daughter, and one wife.” He enjoys spending time at his cabin and being in the woods when he’s not working. You can also ask him about his hidden talent (and you might want to have a stopwatch handy); Ross can stand on his head for a crazy long time!