Karen WiscaverIt’s hard to say which Karen Wiscaver knows her way around more: the Huntingburg area or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. She’s been balancing books for over 40 years and enjoying all that our community has to offer for over 50 years. Having grown up in Jasper, Karen was born into “numbers” as her father was also an accountant.

Karen’s “hidden talent” may be one of the worst-kept secrets in the office. She says it’s “working on an Excel spreadsheet” but we’re not sure there’s anyone left at RG Mechanical that hasn’t found it out. It’s the family-friendly atmosphere that keeps her engaged and keeps our books “in the black.” She has been with us part-time since May of 2018.

Although her analytical side craves the raw nature of pure numbers, outside of the office you will likely find Karen in the middle of a mystery novel or watching the latest episode of “Law & Order.” But above all, her favorite pastime is simply spending time with her daughter and two granddaughters. She loves taking them to “the Bend.”

As we do with each of our staff spotlight blog posts, we asked Karen what she would do if she won the lottery. Her answer illustrates why she may be the most well-equipped among the RG family to manage the winnings wisely. “Remodel my 1910 home,” she said.

And perhaps a new calculator too, we’re guessing.