Often an afterthought, a home’s drainage system plays an important role in our home’s general health. While we may think of drains as the place for things to go, vanishing from our life into the unknown abyss, they should rather be treated as the place where things do not go.

Clogged drains can lead to serious issues and can even harm the health of the home’s inhabitants as well as the environment. Through regular maintenance and more importantly, routine care, homeowners can prevent basic issues from spiraling into more substantial problems.

While many of us abuse this basic principle, it is a great place to start – Drains are designed for liquid, not solids. This means working to make a concerted effort to prevent solid or semi-solids from entering our drainage system. Common culprits being hair in the shower and food in the kitchen sink. While we may not always be able to prevent these culprits from entering the drain, we can do our best to try, and if trying fails, our best to address the issue before it spirals out of control. Using drain covers is a simple and cheap way to stop excess debris from entering your home’s pipes. These can be obtained from any home supply store and will fit a variety of fixtures. However, if this solution does not suit your home, you can clear debris by using the end of a hanger or a non-corrosive, biodegradable drain cleaner to clear those pesky buildups.

While people are often enticed by the powerful drain busters full of chemicals and other toxic elements, they often hurt more than help. The strong chemicals utilized by these clog busters to eat through debris are the same chemicals that can eat through your pipes. If your find the use of these cleaners to be necessary, make sure to purchase a non-corrosive brand that is safe for the environment. The last thing one wants to do while releasing a clog is to harm their home or the environment surrounding it.

While basic preventative work is a great start and will add to the longevity of your home, it does not replace the need for the more expansive care that can be offered by a professional. Our experts can diagnose and repair more severe underlying issues that often go unnoticed and can lead to expensive repairs down the road.