One of the most significant considerations when purchasing an HVAC system is whether a system warranty is necessary. Is it part of sound financial planning? Or another unnecessary expense? While it may be true that some warranty offers are not in your best interest, a warranty for your HVAC system is a prudent and long-term investment in your home.

These warranties cover much more than parts and labor; they give you peace of mind. These devices need to function at full capacity for you to enjoy your home. When something goes wrong, and your home loses heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t be facing exorbitant costs of a significant repair. The importance of an HVAC warranty cannot be understated, and it is essential to understand that there are two types of HVAC warranties: a manufacturer warranty and a labor warranty.

Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty covers the equipment and parts associated with the covered appliance. If your system fails because of a faulty part or a burnt-out motor, the necessary replacement parts fall under a manufacturer’s warranty.

Most manufacturer’s warranties come with a 5-year plan. However, more and more brands offer to extend this plan to 10 years if you register their product. So you can add five years to your warranty by just filling out and sending in the registration form. Just make sure to adhere to the correct timeline for registration and follow the steps listed.

Labor Warranty

A labor warranty covers any issues associated with the installation of the system. HVAC systems are complex and require expert installation and maintenance to ensure that they operate correctly. Generally, the company that installs the system can offer an extended warranty option, typically for ten years. The labor warranty will usually cover any system issues that are not due to a faulty part or internal problem covered under the previously mentioned manufacturer warranty.

The Whole Picture

Together, these two warranties can give a homeowner peace of mind for many years to come. Like anything, warranties are subject to fine print and usage requirements. 

When considering whether to buy HVAC warranties or not, you have to ask yourself what level of risk you’re comfortable with? When it comes to HVAC and whether your home is livable, we suggest a security blanket of warranties. The last thing any homeowner needs is to be without this vital system, especially when you may need it most.

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