We hear too often, how someone has chosen a company to do air duct cleaning in the past and they feel that the company didn’t do a good job. So, to help you avoid that, we’ve come up with some handy tips on how to choose a company to do your HVAC Cleaning. 

Tip #1: Check references: At RG Mechanical many of our new customers have already checked our references, because their friends have recommended us.

Tip #2: Make sure the company you use is licensed and insured.

Tip #3: Beware of the $99 special for air duct cleaning. It might sound like a great deal, but the truth is that most companies will upsell you once they get their foot in the door. 

When you have a reputable company do your air duct cleaning, make sure you know what to expect when the job is done.

  1. A reputable company will choose one of the following options: A system that sends exhaust particles outside or a company with HEPA air vacuuming equipment.
  1. They should use caution to protect your floors and furnishings during the ductwork cleaning. 
  1. The company you utilize should use well-controlled soft-bristled brushes for fiberglass and sheet metal ducts internally lined with fiberglass and vacuuming, so the dirt and particles can be dislodged. 

If you have any further questions about air duct cleaning or you want to make an appointment, please call us at 812-389-8480!