Elijah MainElijah Main came to RG Mechanical in the fall of 2019 by way of a construction trades vocational class at VUJC. And he did such a good job for us, we decided to hire him when his class was over. Being just 18, he’s a fresher face than some we have here, but don’t let that fool you. Elijah is becoming a right-hand man to nearly everyone here.

Elijah can be found doing almost anything at RG. He assists the technicians, runs parts, cleans up, and generally lends a hand wherever he’s needed. He recently graduated from Jasper High School and is attending Ivy Tech Community College (in Evansville) this fall. 

When Elijah’s not busy with his studies (or working hard with us here at RG), he enjoys fishing, bowling, and watching NBA basketball. Born and raised in Jasper, Indiana, he’s also a member of Holy Family Catholic Church. He enjoys our community because “it’s small and easy-going” and likes the family feeling we have at RG. But he wants to see the world a bit too. When asked what his hopes are, he said he’d like to travel.