Cole ByersBorn and raised in the Huntingburg area, Cole Byers is a homegrown HVAC technician here at RG Mechanical. He’s a natural in the field as he’s been interested in the trade since high school and having 3.5 previous years of experience in Warrick County. Cole especially enjoys the small-town vibe of the community and the comfortable work/life balance that working at RG affords him.

Friends and family know Cole as an avid sports fan. But what they may not know about him is that he’s a skilled juggler. His juggling, however, isn’t exclusive to just standard pins and tennis balls. It also comes in extremely useful as he’s also the proud father of three children.

Despite having a full work schedule and managing his beautiful family, Cole is also a very active member of the Ebenezer General Baptist Church. His role as a Youth Group Leader is very important to him. It’s so important that he would use his hypothetical lottery winnings to go to Bible college and become a missionary. His faith shapes his daily life and it shows daily both at RG and elsewhere in the community.

Juggling a schedule like that doesn’t leave much time for leisure. But on the rare occasion, he does get a chance to relax, Cole enjoys watching the History and Discovery channels as well as picking up a good book. His wit and sarcasm make him popular at the office but it’s his work ethic that rubs off the most among his colleagues.

We look forward to Cole having a long, successful career here at RG Mechanical!