How can you tell if you have low refrigerant levels?

Refrigerant is the main ingredient of our home’s air conditioning system. Without it, the system functions no differently than a fan moving room temperature air endlessly throughout one’s home.  In the early 20th century, electronic refrigerant systems became more commonplace. Their introduction into the home cooling market revolutionized the way we live.  Places deemed too warm for enjoyable living could now be called home.  From 1930 into the 1990s, the Sunbelt states saw a six percent increase in their population size compared to the rest of the United States. The impact air conditioning has had [...]

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Winter is Almost Over! Should I Wait Until Next Winter to Buy a New Furnace?

Replacing your home’s furnace is a big task, both logistically and financially. With modern advancements in technology and the installation and servicing of these systems, a replacement is easier than ever. The last thing a homeowner wants is for their home’s unit to stop working in the dead of winter when it’s needed most. The stress from this situation can be enormous since the restoration of heat needs to be immediate. To ensure homeowners are not facing an emergency replacement, we suggest considering a replacement if your device meets some of the following criteria. If [...]

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What to expect from your HVAC system when buying a new home.

Buying a new home is an enormous task, one filled with a seemingly endless list of questions and considerations. One must look at their purchase holistically, and do a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis. And it is important not to overlook a home’s HVAC system when making such a monumental decision. What is often seen during the purchasing of an older home is an HVAC system nearing, or beyond, its suggested lifespan. Often, homeowners that are contemplating selling their home will hold off on repairs and replacements. Because of this conundrum, potential homeowners should ask questions about [...]

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HVAC System Warranty — Why You Need One

One of the most significant considerations when purchasing an HVAC system is whether a system warranty is necessary. Is it part of sound financial planning? Or another unnecessary expense? While it may be true that some warranty offers are not in your best interest, a warranty for your HVAC system is a prudent and long-term investment in your home. These warranties cover much more than parts and labor; they give you peace of mind. These devices need to function at full capacity for you to enjoy your home. When something goes wrong, and your home [...]

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Winter Fire Safety Tips

With winter now upon us, one must consider the risk of fire during the colder months. While fire seems unlikely during the colder months, homes are actually at an increased risk. The increased risk is that people spend more time indoors during the winter and use various heating sources to stay warm. This reliance on numerous heating sources could lead to a fire. Here are some common threats of fire and ways to help prevent a potential accident. Candles According to the National Fire Protection Association, “Winter is the peak time of year for home [...]

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Why is the red light on my furnace blinking?

If you ever take a close look at your home’s furnace, you should notice a small red LED light located somewhere on a side panel. No, this light isn’t just an ‘On’ indicator; instead, it is a way to communicate with you about its current status. Manufacturers came up with this creative way of communication years ago, and its use is now widespread enough where you can be confident your unit utilizes this concept. Let’s learn more about how it works. Are you familiar with Morse Code? Well, our home’s furnaces use a similar system, [...]

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Signs it’s time to upgrade your home’s heating unit

It is time to consider if a replacement of your home’s heating system is on the horizon with winter here. While good home heating is something, many of us in the more northern latitudes depend on for comfort and warmth, replacing a home’s heating unit can also have monetary and environmental benefits. Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself if it is time to consider a replacement: The age of your system While some units may last longer than others, the industry norm for a heating unit’s lifespan is generally between 15-20 [...]

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Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

During the winter months, no one wants their furnace blowing cold air.   However, this occurs more often than people think and can result from a plethora of different issues. Here are some of the common and uncommon reasons we see furnaces blowing cold air. Common Reasons: Thermostat One of the main culprits of cold airflow is an improperly set thermostat. Often, other individuals in one’s home or workplace change the thermostat’s setting from “Auto” to “On,” thinking that it will lead to the warmer or colder temperatures they desire. However, what this is doing [...]

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What are 3 ways that you can tell if your heater is energy efficient?

Remember, your mom or dad constantly telling you as a child to not mess with the thermostat? We all do; because if there is one thing that is for certain, heating your home is an expensive endeavor. However, it doesn’t have to be. With modern advancements in heating systems and more readily accessible data than ever before, one can easily understand how efficient their furnace is working and if it’s time to get a new one. Here are three ways you can tell if your heater is energy efficient: Check your bills While your bills [...]

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Backflow Prevention

What is Backflow? Preventing contamination of the potable water supply is something the state, county, and local municipalities take very seriously, imposing strict rules and regulations often at all three levels. Sometimes these rules and regulations can differ between locations, and working with a local certified contractor is required to ensure compliance. But before we can talk about compliance, we must understand how cross-contamination occurs and why backflow can be an issue. Almost all public water supply systems are pressurized. Through this pressurization, the water utility achieves two goals. First, they can supply the pressure [...]

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