Bob BarrellFor a man that admittedly doesn’t reside in the Huntingburg area, Bob Barrell sure seems to fit right in here at RG Mechanical. The crew at RG mechanical “works to please” according to Bob and that suits him perfectly. As a self-described journeyman plumber, he has learned the importance of “doing it right the first time.”

Known around the office as “Barrelhead,” Bob’s work ethic is infectious. Don’t be fooled by his “what you see is what you get” attitude.

On any given weekend, you might find Bob four-wheeling through a trail or jet skiing on the water. This may prove to be rather convenient as Barrelhead hopes to win the lottery one day and use the winnings to “build a log cabin on the lake.” The good news for the rest of RG Mechanical? He intends to have them do the work.

Although very skilled at his craft, what Barrelhead most enjoys about his career is simply the people with which he shares it. He has a genuine appreciation for the bosses and staff here and it shows each morning as he walks in. The crew got a chuckle when Bob described himself as “old, fat, and trying to be funny.”