At RG Mechanical, we may use industry terms and have industry knowledge that our customers do not understand. So, to help our customers out, we have created a simple blog to answer some of our most frequently asked questions! If you have other questions that are not on this list, we encourage you to call us at (812) 389-8480 or send us the inquiry on our contact form.

1. What does HVAC stand for? 

The answer is simple- it is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems offer those three functions, which helps to provide comfort to your home and improve air quality. HVAC systems offer a home with proper ventilation; it helps maintain air pressure relationships and reduces air filtration. HVAC contractors are professionals who provide maintenance and repair services to heating and air units.    

2. How often should I replace my air filter? 

There is no one size fits all answer. How often you change the air filter will depend on how often you use your HVAC system. Two factors that will affect your HVAC usage is climate and location. If the environment you live in becomes extremely hot or incredibly cold, you will use your system more and require more frequent changes to the air filter. Location affects the use of your HVAC system because if you live downtown, where it is busy and more polluted, then you will want to change the filter monthly. If your home is in a rural community with better air quality and your system would not be working as hard, you can extend that frequency to every two or three months.

3. How often does my air filter need to be changed? 

A good rule of thumb is to have your filter checked once a month. You will know if your filter needs to be changed when you compare your used filter side-by-side with a new filter. If the light is blocked by dust and dirt, and not penetrating through the filter, the chances are that your filter should be changed. We recommended that, at a minimum, you change the filters at the start of each season.

4. Why should I replace my HVAC system if it is currently working? 

Even if your unit is operational, it is time to consider replacing it if it is ten to fifteen years old. Three reasons for the recommendation: 1. A newer unit would be more effective. 2.  According to you can save up to 50% on utility costs using a new, more energy-efficient unit. 3. In the long run, you will save significantly on repair costs.

5. How does the Clean Air Act impact HVAC systems? 

A portion of the Clean Air Act promotes the use of eco-friendly chlorine chemical alternatives because chlorine can endanger the ozone layer. Over the past four decades, the most used chemical refrigerant in HVAC systems has been R-22. R-22 is one of the non-environmentally friendly hydrochlorofluorocarbons. Due to the Clean Air Act, R-410A, new HVAC models use eco-friendly chemicals.

If your unit is older than ten years and you want to save money with an eco-friendly HVAC system, please call us at  (812) 389-8480. We are currently offering 0% financing or a 5% cash discount for those who pay upfront.