You need a new HVAC system, but how do you decide what company to use to help? Do you Google and pick the first name you see? Do you call the guy down the street that does HVAC on the side? You could do either, but before you decide on a person or company to do the installation, follow these four suggestions. By asking the right questions, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in headaches later.

1. Do your homework – In the world of quick internet searches, anyone can show up online as an “expert”. Just because they are online, does not mean they have good quality work. Be sure to read the reviews when you get to Google. Additionally, you can use Facebook as a tool by reading the recommendations on their page. Facebook is also a good place to ask friends for their own recommendations and experiences with who they used.

2. Ask for the HVAC specialists’ certification – In today’s world, when you invite someone to do HVAC work in your home, you want to make sure they are licensed, insured, bonded, and certified.

3. Get an Estimate – Reputable HVAC companies will know how much a job will be before they start and will be able to give you an estimate. Remember, going with the lowest cost does not always mean the best deal, especially if the company has poor reviews online. The initial price could be lowest but end up costing you more money to fix issues down the line if the work wasn’t done correctly.

4. Current Specials – Once you found the best company through diligent research and asking the right questions, don’t forget to ask if they have any existing specials or sales on HVAC systems, such as 0% financing.

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